Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 2. Preparation For Going To The Kingdom Of God

1. The Base Of The Kingdom Of God

In this world, nobody can pull out God's life and love. The closer we are to the truth, the more we are absorbed into it. That truth will become the center, which nobody can take by force. Even if the earth falls into chaos millions of times and the universe is suddenly destroyed, if you have the truth as your mind's center, you will never be changed or shaken.

However, if you are not prepared to receive the truth, no matter how correct the truth may appear you will not recognize it. No matter if true life appears, you will not know it. No matter if true love appears, you will not know it. From this viewpoint, if today's Christians are looking for real truth, true life, and true love, they should deny themselves and establish a new center in their mind.

When new continents were being discovered, it seemed the earth was expanding, but now the earth seems to be getting smaller and smaller. In other words, when civilization was not developed, the world seemed huge, but as history and civilization developed, the world seemed to become gradually smaller. In this sense, the ideal world will be the universal time when everything is directly related to everyone. Therefore, it is necessary that the love and life of the heavenly nation be completed in one's mind and within oneself.

Because truth, life, and love are like one family, love and life should necessarily follow truth. Life and truth should necessarily follow love. In the same way, love and truth should necessarily follow life.

Why are truth, love, and life always connected to one another? As you know, in order for one being to exist, there should be above and below, front and back, and right and left, centering on that being. No existing being can escape from the realm of the number three. This is the basic structure of any existing being. These three elements make the unified form. But if the force proceeds in the reverse way, a different action of the force occurs. Accordingly, God is the origin of love, life, and truth, but after the fall, when those three did not make a balance, God could not work providentially. (2-133)

The disciples of Jesus thought that when Jesus became King of Israel, having dominion over the Roman Empire, they would also receive high positions. However, that is not the essential problem. First of all, one has to make the heavenly nation within one's mind and make unity between one's physical body and God, centering on one's mind. This is the greatest problem. The Kingdom of God starts from oneself.

Therefore, the base of the heavenly nation is one's mind. Do you want the world to become good without you! You probably want the world to become good together with you. Do you want to join the place of death? You probably don't want that. Even people at the age of 70 or 80 may not want to join the place of death. Here, you grandmother! Do you want to join the place of death or not? Although, because of old age, they don't have long to live, they still probably don't like the place of death. Why is this so? When people are getting old, they may become miserable and therefore say that they want to die. However, most people tend to say that they, with their wrinkled face, would like to see such and such things before their death. What does this mean? It means they don't want to die. This is a problem because they may be thinking everything is meaningless without themselves in the world. (47-273)

Where is the base of the Kingdom of God? A great number of Christians believe that they can go to that heavenly nation by believing in Jesus. Then, where is the base of the Kingdom of God? When Peter asked, "Where is the Kingdom of God?" Jesus answered that it is not in heaven but in your mind. Then, what is the base of your mind? Can a sad mind be the base of your mind? Can a proud mind be the base of the Kingdom of God? Can a mind that denies society be the base of your mind? These are not the foundations we are expecting and not the foundations that God can approve.

In this situation, the person seeking the base of the Kingdom of God cannot help being more solitary than anyone else. Why is this so? Because God is solitary, the person has to be solitary. Because God has taken the history of conquest, that person has to also go that way.

Then, if humankind always repents, feeling sad and shedding tears because heaven and earth are filled with sadness, can that be the base of the Kingdom of God? That alone cannot be the base of God's Kingdom. Even when you serve the church, expecting the time of new joy, you have to determine to resolve the problem of evil in this world.

Without such an attitude and determination, the base of the heavenly nation cannot be made. This is an obvious fact.

Where is the base of the Kingdom of God? Some people confidently assert that because they have a certain social position, the Kingdom of God starts from them. If good and evil start together, their opinion might be right. However, good and evil cannot start together. When evil goes east, good has to go west. When evil stops, good has to move. Moreover, when evil has desire, good must have no desire. Good and evil are opposite.

In this sense, when God comes to this world, who would be the most desirable one to make a bond with God? The heavenly nation starts from the place where God abandoned all hope for mankind. Therefore, people who are satisfied with their present lives cannot be true religious persons.

When you are confronted by the sorrowful fate of life and death, and when you sink into despair and distress, losing the meaning of your existence, you should not be excessively attached to your past. On the contrary, you should seek new value at the place of self-denial. In this process, the base of true goodness can start.

From this point, is there anybody who can confidently say that his personality is the base of the heavenly nation? [Nobody] Nobody can insist that his family is the base of that nation. No tribe can insist that God must recognize that tribe because of the historical good achievements of its ancestors. The people, nation, and some thoughts or theories are the same. This is a tragedy.

Therefore, while the one who wants to die will live, the one who wants to live will die. What does that mean? The one who wants to live for one thousand years can realize such a dream only when he makes effort to detach himself from the evil world for one thousand years. The one who wants to live for ten thousand years can find the base of his wish only when he gratefully sacrifices himself for ten thousand years.

Likewise, the one seeking eternal life, happiness, and the Kingdom of God must overcome the present difficulties centering on the eternal, and must be able to endure sacrifice. Only when one takes such an attitude can the eternal base emerge. (47-247)

2. The Standard To Go To The Kingdom Of God

What is the standard to go to the Kingdom of God? It is to love God more than one's own child. Without loving God more, one cannot leave the realm of Satan. Therefore, if one does not love God more than one's wife or husband, one cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Fallen people are in the situation to leave the realm of Satan and stay in the edge of the realm. In other words, they have not left Satan's realm completely. Therefore, one should not love one's father and mother more than God. (41-299)

Who can enter the Kingdom of God? First of all, it should be the one who is in accord with God's mind. How much does one agree with God's mind? If God works towards the eternal purpose, one should harmonize with God's mind centering on eternity. Is that right or not? If the accordance lasts only for about ten years, real accordance cannot be made. The accordance with God has to last eternally. How can it be eternal? One should be the child who can agree with God's mind and love God eternally. In order to be such a child, one should not become an object of sadness. The Kingdom of God is to be in eternity.

Then, one should be in accord with God's body. The body has a direction. It manifests some direction. While the mind represents the central point of every direction, the body manifests a direction. In order to be God's child, when God's body goes east, one must go east with God. If God likes a warm thing, but Jesus likes a cold one, is that the right attitude? When God wants to laugh and talk, if Jesus wants to sleep, is that right? Everything that is manifested through the body should be in accordance with God's mind. That is not enough. When God wants to be amiable, one should not be hot-tempered. When God is amiable, one should also be amiable. The internal and external should be matched. If they are matched, then mind and body will always go together. If God exists, one should do what God likes. If Jesus is God's son, Jesus also has to do what God likes. (47-257)

Although you may want to enter the Kingdom of God, you can never go there without sacrificing your life. If you have been to the Kingdom of God, you will know that nobody is there who did not sacrifice their lives. The essence of the life of faith is manifested so. (37-250)

3. The Starting Point Of The Kingdom Of God

Where does the Kingdom of God start? Without liberating God's sorrow, mankind cannot enter God's Kingdom. Since mankind has made a history of sorrow since the fall, all the bonds of that sorrowful history should be found in order to be restored. All the bonds of the six-thousand-year history since Adam and Eve have to be found. It is the Principle of the Unification Church that teaches about such a God of sorrow.

People in the secular world are trying to escape from the world of sorrow. While the secular world tries to escape sorrow, the Principle has a fundamental motivation to undergo the world of sorrow. The original human is different from people in the secular world. The more one knows God's sorrow, the more one gains strength in the Unification Church. Once you know the tragic situation of God, that becomes the source of explosive power to resolve it. This is the great strength of the Unification Church.

4. The Essence Of The Kingdom Of God

What kind of world is the Kingdom of God? Because the Kingdom of God is the original world, the individual, family, and tribe cannot go there because of Satan's accusations. Therefore, members of the Unification Church have to unite their family, relatives, and tribe into one, centering on God. In other words, three generations should become one. In Adam's family, Adam was the first generation, Cain and Abel were the second generation, and the children of Cain and Abel were the third generation. These three generations were supposed to unite. Centering on God, God was the first generation, Adam and Eve were the second generation, and Cain and Abel were the third generation. (21-54)

Because the Kingdom of God is the world where people live for the sake of others, it will never perish only if it keeps the principle of living unselfishly. In other words, if people only wish to be treated well, the Kingdom of God would perish. Don't you agree?

The Kingdom of God is the world filled with love. The essence of love is to live for the sake of others. Thus it is different from the love of the secular world. Therefore, religion teaches to live for the sake of others, that is, to be obedient, to serve, and to sacrifice. The secular world has no such teachings. These elements are somehow practiced by groups like beggars, who know nothing. However, that was God's secret strategy to have Satan's side receive good fortune, even though they were not aware of the higher purpose -- heavenly law. How wonderful yet miserable God is to have developed such a strategy for thousands of years! (46-42)

5. The Meaning Of The Kingdom Of God

Did you find your original homeland? [No, we didn't.] Since you lost the original homeland, you lost the original home country. The home country is the Kingdom of God on earth. Earth is to become the actual home country. What is the home country? The home country is to be the Kingdom of God on earth as well as the Kingdom of God in heaven.

Three major elements are required to establish a country: sovereignty, land, and people. In this world, is there a sovereignty over which God can have dominion? [No!] Did mankind allow itself to be governed by God? [No!] Therefore, we don't have our country. This world is not where the original human can live.

Thus, the desire of mankind is to console God and establish God's country, but that has been continuing endlessly. Also, your conscience pushes you to make a better world. Although you might have done good works for a stranger once, that cannot satisfy goodness. Your conscience pushes you again and again. Even though you did good works thousands of times a day, your conscience will continuously push you. Doesn't it do so? [Yes, it does!] Such a conscience may seem like a fool. The conscience pushes us because the mind wants individual goodness to accumulate rapidly and expand to goodness on the world level.

Therefore, goodness does not stay down. It pushes you forcibly. "You have to give goodness to three billion people thousands of times a day, and you have to give it again." It will speak like this. If there are no more people to give to, you have to give goodness to the mountains, the sea, and heaven and earth. The mind is trying to give goodness like that. Why? Because what the mind has desired throughout mankind's long history has not been fulfilled yet. (155-26)

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