Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 1. Understanding The Kingdom Of God (Part 2)

5. Fondness Of The Body For Hell

Adam and Eve were supposed to be God's body. I Corinthians, Chapter 3, says, you don't know that your body is God's temple. The body is similar to a house where God can dwell. However, that house is not like the bodies of today's fallen people. That house is not like the bodies of people who want to be saved simply by believing in Jesus. That house is not like the bodies of people who are just repairing what was broken. Adam and Eve would have grown up as the ideal creative humans, and would have experienced pure, first love in their adolescence. But they failed, and came to be far away from the realm of God's love.

What is hell? It refers to the realm of Satan's love. Satan adores only hatred, jealousy, separation, and destruction. Thus, the realm of Satan is filled with only these things. These characteristics of Satan are expressed in war.

What made God's heart painful? Because Satan came to exist. The fact that Satan's blood lineage was born through love made God's heart painful. The fact that Satan's seed was planted made God's heart resentful. The fact that God saw Satan's family gave God the heart of suffering. The family of God would have lived for billions of years in God's love, but it was destroyed by the appearance of Satan's family. The family centered on Satan spread all over the world. Now the world has about 180 countries. Throughout history, strong tribes absorbed numerous weak tribes and unified them, so the number of countries was reduced to about 180. However, these countries should be united into one according to God's will.

Where did Satan make his base? Satan also knows God. Because God is the owner centering on the original nature of creation, He is on the side of the origin. On the other hand, since Satan [Lucifer] was created through the origin, Satan is on the relative basis.

The original base for humans is the conscience. Whom does the conscience resemble? Because the human conscience resembles God, the human mind is regarded as being on God's side. On the other hand, whom does the human body resemble? Because the body resembles Satan, the body is regarded as being on Satan's side. Do you understand? Why is the mind on God's side? Why is the body on Satan's side? These are not simply casual words of Rev. Moon, given without authority. You should clearly understand this.

How has the conscience been sacrificed? Do you know the situation of the conscience, which has been violated throughout your whole life? The conscience is weary from taking care of you day and night. However, no matter how tired it may be, the conscience prevents the body from behaving in a wrong way. "Haven't you done that enough? You should stop doing it! Shouldn't you listen to my words?" Your conscience says things like that. Therefore, your conscience is the closest thing to you, like your parents, your teachers, and God. The mind itself doesn't need education. Do you understand? However, the body absolutely needs education. Don't you agree?

If you are doing as your body wishes, it is connected to hell. On the other hand, if you do as your mind wants, it is connected to the Kingdom of God. In this sense, the boundary line between the Kingdom of God and hell is yourself. just as Korea is divided north and south by the 38th parallel, Satan divides and occupies you. By dividing, Satan occupies. Thus, in order to separate from Satan, the left foot should be moved to the south. It is simple. Because of Satan's tactic, every existing being is divided between good and evil. If one were to die without separating good from evil, the 38th parallel of the individual could not be overcome. Then, one could not enter the spiritual world. The 38th parallel of the family and country could not be overcome. Then, how could we go over the 38th parallel of the world and universe? It would be impossible.

You must deplore the fact that your body has become the dance hall of Satan. Your body became Satan's place of love. Your body inherited Satan's blood lineage through his love. Satan's blood has controlled you by the realm of power in order to trample upon your personality. Satan is trying to have dominion over you for millions of years through your blood lineage. Your country cannot remove Satan for you. You have to do it yourself.

What is religion? The historical struggle of religion is fundamentally to defeat the root of sin. However, liberation theologians do not know this. Despite the fact that they are in a position destined for hell, and that they themselves are Satan's ballroom, they are noisily trying to save society for the sake of religion. Crazy people! If Rev. Moon were not here, they would create a big problem. They are like communists.

You should understand the content of what I'm saying. You should hate yourself. You should hate your physical body. "I am a child of the enemy! I myself was born through the love of the enemy's son and daughter. I inherited the blood of Satan, who killed the King and trampled upon the Kingship. I inherited the blood of Satan, who devastated the ideal of love within the heavenly universe!" You should realize that Satan's blood vibrates within your body. You cannot even cut it out with a knife or bum it away with fire. (214-281)

From the viewpoint of the providence of restoration, if you think that the present time is the final will of God then you should ask yourself if you are living every moment seriously. You should not be swept along by environmental conditions regardless of your will. If you failed to live seriously even for one moment, you will be ashamed of yourself before God. Such a moment is a problem. How much do people like you? You should figure out which is more, liking or disliking. "How well do I keep the universal law? How well do I live a life that enables me to be authorized by heaven and earth?" Before your death, when you reflect upon your life, if the percentage of goodness does not exceed 60 percent, you will be sent to hell.

Although your body is limited, your mind should have a history of struggle, in which you were not willing to be limited. You should be able to proclaim, "I am liberated; so, all people should inherit my tradition, before heaven and earth, before history and the present, and before your descendants." If you did not have such a proud moment, you must be sent to hell without mercy. (19-27)

The world is in chaos. How about the spiritual world? Since confused people are living in the spiritual world, the spiritual world also cannot help but be in chaos. For example, a person with a criminal record of stealing cannot just drop his bad habits. When such a person goes to the spiritual world, he naturally wants to get something without making effort. Since such a person cannot be treated properly in the spiritual world, hell was formed.

God did not make hell. Hell was formed. For example, do people build their house after making a garbage can? [No!] After building the house, while they are living in it, the garbage can comes out. (laughter) Hell is the same. Traditional Christians do not know their root. They are saying, "We are fine even though we don't know our root. Everything will be fine if only we are fine." When such satisfied people go to the spiritual world, where shall they go? They must go to hell. People who do not go through the root have to go down to the bottom. They cannot be welcomed. (148-28)

If you are living a false life, when will you clean it out? Don't you have such a mind? If your left eye loses its sight, you will have to remove it or cure it. Likewise, you should discern good from evil in your life. If there is a God, then God must teach a method for correcting one's mind. That is why religion emerged.

God did not make hell because of jealousy or envy. Since many false people appeared in history, God could not help but make hell as the warehouse to manage them. Do people build their house after first making a trash can? For instance, if you bought cabbage to make kimchi, but while making it discovered the outer leaves eaten by worms, you would dump it into a garbage can. The fall was committed by the human progenitors. Therefore, in order to indemnify that and remove the sin, persons who have the qualification of True Parents should emerge. You must understand this clearly. (20-118)

Who is the highest grandfather in the universe? It is God. Who is the final descendant? In the future, he will unite the world and cosmos into one. Both the first one, God, and the final descendant have to be connected. How can they be connected? That is the family. It is not the country. In entering the Kingdom of God, nobody can have a special privilege. No matter what country you are in, such as America, Korea, or an under-developed country, no special privilege will be given to you, In the Kingdom of God, only the model family is authorized. Centering on the organization of the major family, the model family has to connect the past, the present, and the future. This is the formula to unify the whole world. The warehouse where the fruits of such families are stored is the Kingdom of God. These families are the best and highest.

Because people who lived in this world had no condition for God to save them, they were sent to hell. Even though insects were eating them and worms were attached, God had such people stored in order to feed even pigs. That very place is hell and paradise. Thus, from the viewpoint of the Unification Church, the Kingdom of God is vacant. (135-118)

In the spiritual world, all people are staying in various stages of hell. Why do they stay there? It is because they did not practice filial piety, as filial sons and daughters, centering on the order of love. It is because they did not fulfill their mission, as loyal patriots, centering on the country. It is because, although someone was supposed to be a saint centering on the world, he did not reach that stage.

Humans have to go the right way on earth. What is the right way? There should be the right way on the level of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and even God. Such a singular way should exist. What is that way? It is the original way of love. (147-183)

In the spiritual world, when you cannot correspond to the power of love, a strong reaction comes against you. Nobody tells you to go to hell. Do you understand? Therefore, the Bible says, "Love your enemy!" True love has influence on the enemy. If you overcome the first, second, third, and fourth difficult situation centering on love, the enemy will disappear. Because love has such great power, Jesus also said, "Love your enemy!" Christians today think "enemy" refers to an individual enemy, but there is no enemy before God. Then, who is the enemy? The enemy is the one who violates the law of love, which has infinite value. Who is Satan before God? Satan is an adulterer before God. That is a very tragic and sad fact.

True Father is called a heretic because he disclosed what he recognized in the spiritual world. People say Rev. Moon is the king of heresy who is trying to destroy Christianity. They are wishing that Rev. Moon would die. However, while True Father is still alive, some of them have already died. Why is this so? It is because of the Will of God. True Father still has a lot of things to do. (121-173)

Let's suppose you have a son who committed murder and was sentenced to death. When your son goes to his execution, are you going to say, "It is good for you to die. Sa-yo-na-ra! Good-bye." Are there such parents? Upon seeing your son's death, do you say, "I hate you! I don't want to see you any more. At last we can be separated."

If such tragic deaths were to continue forever, do you think any parent could just watch without doing something? You would try to do everything possible in order to liberate your son, don't you agree? Loving parents will continuously try to save their son, even at the risk of their lives. Are there any parents who will say, "That's enough, let's stop trying." Although it may take eternity to save their son, they will forever try.

In this sense, God is a miserable God. As long as the door to hell is closing, God is anxiously trying to liberate his children. That is to fulfill the responsibility of heavenly Parents. God cannot say, "Let me eliminate everything." Because of His parental heart, God has to liberate even hell.

Keeping in mind such a Heavenly Father, are you going to follow your wife if she says, "Honey! Let our son stay there forever! You are struggling too much. You've done enough! Please turn away from him!" When we consider this situation, how miserable it is!

If your son comes to know your heart, he will repent thousands of times for his wrong behavior. Do you understand what I am saying? If there is such a father and mother, the son will repent to the death. Because of the parents, the way to liberate the son can be made. Will anyone accuse the parents because they tried to liberate and embrace their son when he repented? Therefore, Satan cannot accuse God, who loves mankind and tries to save him. If someone goes to God and unites with him, Satan cannot say, "You can't stand in such a position." Not even Satan can accuse the one who is standing in the perfect position before God. On the contrary, Satan naturally surrenders before such a person. There is no rule preventing forgiveness for the one who repents through the love of parents.

The Unification Church has to liberate hell through this kind of heart. That is the way of a true filial child, isn't it? Therefore, the Unification Church can say, "We will liberate even hell." Why? Because God has such a heart. Reflecting upon your life, have you been a dutiful child? Do you have the contents of life to become a filial son or daughter? Your answer has to be "no". Everybody is less than a dutiful child. All of you are not dutiful. (62-51)

If your beloved parents and relatives do not believe the Unification Church, they will go to hell. Are you sure about this! They will have to go to hell. If your elder brother, younger brother, mother, father, or relatives do not believe the Unification Church, they will all go to hell. Do you firmly believe that or not? [We believe it!] You don't seem to be that certain. Once someone is drawn into hell, he can never escape. In spite of this, you are not feeling substantially the fact that your family and relatives will go to hell. You are just being optimistic. However, let's think seriously that your beloved parents are really going to hell. If your parents were to go to prison in their lifetime, you would be really anxious to release them through all possible means. How much more desperate it is if your parents and relatives go to eternal hell.

You don't know anything yet. You don't know whether there really is a hell or not. You don't know what the Divine Principle means to you. Do you really know or not? It must be vague to you. You can understand clearly if you die. However, once you die, it is too late.

Nowadays, many spiritual persons, who came to understand about the Unification Church after they died, are leading people to the church. During their lifetimes, they opposed their son or daughter attending the Unification Church, but in the spiritual world, they began to understand about the church. So, they are coming to this world spiritually, and are eager to lead people to the church. If they don't do this, they cannot be resurrected. Do you understand? If you oppose your son attending the Unification Church, you cannot advance in the spiritual world.

Therefore, spiritual persons want to descend to this world. They devote themselves to God and receive special permission, in the name of their good ancestors, to come to this world. They appear before their sons and daughters and testify about the Unification Church. However, without a special condition, spiritual persons cannot come here. When they recognize in the spiritual world what the Unification Church is, how amazed they are! Do you not know this?

The Unification Church is not where you just come and go without any meaning. If you separate yourself from the church, it will be lost forever. When the door is closed, nobody opens the door eternally. When the door is opened, nobody can close it forever. Because what is tied on the earth should be solved on earth, you should solve by your. self what you tie. This is a problem. Therefore, when you evangelize, you don't need to go to another place. (34,266)

6. People In Hell Also Long For The Kingdom Of God

Suppose there is a dying person who says, "The Principle of the Unification Church is certainly good. I can go to the Kingdom of God. Although I did not fulfill True Father's words completely, my mind was really trying to fulfill them. So please regard me as having established the proper indemnity conditions!" Then God will try to put him into the Kingdom of God because God is fair. (laughter)

Where did God try to put him? Because the person tried to go to the Kingdom of God, God put him where he wanted to be. Do you understand? God rewarded him according to his actions. God put him where he tried to go. However, one cannot go everywhere one wishes. Because one receives his reward according to his actions on earth, his destination can be beneath paradise or even in hell. Even people in hell want to go to the Kingdom of God. Such horrible things are happening every second, minute, and hour, but you don't feel it substantially. This is the human situation. (57- 265)

7. The Kingdom Of God On Earth And In Heaven

In order for the individual to rest, the resting realm of the family has to be established. That is, the fence on the family level has to be made. Isn't that so? In order for the family to rest, the fence on the tribal level has to be made. If there is no fence, the family or tribe will always be invaded. Then, in order for the people to rest, the fence on the national level has to be made. In order for the nation to rest, the fence on the world level has to be established. In this sense, only after establishing the worldwide fence, can the nation rest. In order for the world to rest, the fence of unification between the spiritual world and physical world has to be established. After that, the Kingdom of God on earth can be realized, which God's love can spread all over the world. Through that process, the Kingdom of God on earth is established automatically. Do you follow? [Yes] (68-20)

The place where we want to live is the heavenly nation. Are there any borders in the heavenly nation? [No!] Does the heavenly nation have two languages? [No!] Is there segregation? [No!] What is the heavenly nation? Because all people were born from God's bosom, all are in the same brotherhood. Centering on God, all humans are brothers because they are sons and daughters of God. Centering on the Kingdom of God on earth, all humans are people of the Kingdom of God.

Three elements are needed to establish a country: first is sovereignty, second is people, and third is land. Did this world become the place that God rules over? [No!] Did all the earth become God's country? Did the world become God's nation of people? Though you talk about the Kingdom of God, God's nation cannot be established until the world is united into one. Because world unity is not yet established, and Cain and Abel still remain, the history of struggle continues. Therefore, we cannot rest in this situation. We don't want to live in the process of restoration, but in the Kingdom of God.

We have to establish God's nation. Our living place can be prepared only when God's nation is established. In order to prepare our living place, we must fight, investing our utmost effort. If we do not establish God's nation, our descendants will be pitiful people. We should not be the ancestors who leave such a burden to our descendants. (66-281)

Jesus is dwelling in paradise, isn't he? [Yes!] He cannot enter the Kingdom of God. In order to enter the Kingdom, a person must go the course where he can receive God's love directly. In order to receive God's love directly, one needs to have the qualification of God's son or daughter, who does not need a savior. Moreover, when such people, who received God's love directly, go to the spiritual world, the ideal Kingdom of God in heaven can be realized.

Such an ideal world was not established by Jesus' blood lineage. Therefore, Jesus has to come again and establish it. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Where is the condition made to open the door of the Kingdom of God? It is made on the earth. Therefore, Jesus left on earth the key to the Kingdom of God. So today, centering on the Unification Church and your families, the history of restoration is being developed on earth. Moreover, since Jesus and his 12 disciples did not make their families, in order to indemnify that, 70 tribes and 120 tribes have to be restored. If that is done, the door to the Kingdom of God will be opened. (160-89)

Six thousand years ago, God was waiting to celebrate the wedding banquet of Adam and Eve after they became mature. But the ideal of the True Parents centering on Adam and Eve was destroyed because they became false parents. However, the ideal of the True Parents, which was lost 6000 years ago, could have been restored by the marriage of Jesus and his bride. Isn't that so?

Then, are the sons and daughters of the True Parents true children or false children? [They are true children!] From them, the true family can emerge. The true children of the True Parents will multiply true families and expand to the true tribe, true people, true nation, and true world. That world will create the life of the Kingdom of God on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Then this world can become the Kingdom of God. After living the life of the Kingdom of God on earth, when you go to the spiritual world, your life will be connected to the life of the Kingdom of God in heaven. This is the general survey of God's providence.

All people were born from Satan's blood lineage. They are different from God's blood lineage. Therefore, in Romans, Chapter 8, it says, "We call God 'Father' in the name of the adopted son." They can call God "Father" through a bridge like Jesus. Otherwise, they cannot directly call God "Father" because the blood lineage is different.

Only Jesus had the bond of the direct blood lineage of God. Thus he was called the only begotten son. None of you are the only begotten son. Then, who are you? You are the failed sons and failed daughters. You are sons and daughters who would have failed. (160-44)

The Lord of the Second Advent will not establish the new ideal realm within the Kingdom of God, but at the bottom of paradise and hell. At the place connected to the bottom of hell, he will find Cain and Abel, and create the realm of God's new family. This will be expanded to the realm of a new tribe, new people, new country, and new world of God. Through the establishment of this ideal worldwide realm, all people of the world will be restored. That world will unify all people through restoration by indemnity centered on Cain and Abel. God's hope and Will can be realized by replacing the empty spiritual world with the new organized world of unification on earth.

Thus Jesus said that "Whatever you tie on earth, shall be tied in heaven, and whatever you solve on earth, shall be solved in heaven." Is it possible to establish the Kingdom of God in heaven without establishing the Kingdom of God on earth? [No!] The Kingdom of God in heaven can never be realized without establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. (143-30)

You should not think you are entitled to go to the Kingdom of God in heaven. Instead, you have to first establish the Kingdom of God on earth. But before that, you yourself must be a member of the Kingdom of God on earth. In order to become such a person, you have to make unity of heart to the degree that you can say confidently, "Father's mind is mine and my mind is Father's mind." Accordingly, you should be the person representing God's mind and True Father's mind as well as the mind of the ancestors. If you are doing so, all historical problems can be solved on earth. (3-295)

8. The Right Viewpoint For The Kingdom Of God

How much are you united with God at the most serious position in front of God's enormous Will and historical hope? Do you have absolute faith centering on God's Will?

No matter how strong a storm and wind may come, even if you are destroyed and dying, you should have absolute faith, saying, "This faith is absolute. Even though I was wrong, only this Will is absolutely right." If your faith is different from morning to evening, and if you lose the Kingdom of God, how foolish you are!

If there is a way to go to the Kingdom of God, what is it? The way to the Kingdom of God does not appear at the self-centered place. If you feel that you are far away from that nation, you have to deny yourself completely. Only when you deny yourself can the desire to enter the Kingdom of God remain. However, if without denying yourself, you try to make the environment applied to yourself, you cannot make a relationship with the Kingdom of God.

It is obvious that the Kingdom of God starts from yourself. Even if the physical Kingdom of God is established, if you don't become a person who fits into that nation, you will have nothing to do with it.

What is the Kingdom of God? It is the place to go after overcoming Satan. It is not the place you go to just by overcoming yourself today. The Kingdom of God cannot be within our present social environment, the realm of the fallen world, nor the habitual environmental realm. Because Satan has occupied and dwelled in this habitual environment, you can see the Kingdom of God only after overcoming this realm of Satan's. The Kingdom of God will be established at the place opposite to Satan's world. Is that correct? If it's not correct, it could not really be the Kingdom of God. Although that world may have the name Kingdom of God, it would be nothing but a deception to the environment.

Therefore, the Kingdom of God can be established from the position of subjugating Satan, denying everything related to Satan, and removing it. The Kingdom of God comes close to you when you remove the negative historic relic of Satan, and when you deny all the contents of Satan's lifestyle. Without removing these satanic contents, the contents of the Kingdom of God cannot be provided to you.

The Kingdom of God is such a valuable thing. Although the Kingdom of God is described as the absolute standard, people today seem confused about it. Most people are expecting the Kingdom from an extremely self-centered position. Only when you overcome your circumstances with absolute faith can the Kingdom of God emerge. However, that cannot be the origin of God's Kingdom. Based on the individual's foundation of subjugating Satan, the Kingdom of God can be realized. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is not established simply by obediently following God's will. It cannot be realized only with faith. Since Satan always tries to destroy us, that nation can be fulfilled only by us getting victory in the battle. However, in the battle against Satan, sovereignty is necessary. There should be people of the nation. If the level is country, a large number of families in the country have to make the whole organization for the sake of one purpose. Then, people of that nation should be able to harmonize with their leader, centering on God. without any conflict.

One may be able to feel, in one's mind, the Kingdom of God at the place where one is ready for death, but that is not the actual, substantial Kingdom of God. Although a great amount of martyrdom and suffering has taken place throughout the past 2000 years, the Kingdom of God is not yet realized on earth. In this sense, the Kingdom of God is not to be established in such an easy way.

When we consider the phrase "The Kingdom of God starts from myself," if the word "myself" were omitted, it would create a serious situation. The Bible says, "Love the Lord your God with all your mind, will and heart." However, the word "Lord" does not have a simple meaning. The fundamental meaning of the word "Lord" can be recognized substantially only at the place that has absolute contents, which cannot be forgotten eternally. The Kingdom of God does not come by believing in the Lord God, but by loving Him. God's Will is fulfilled not by believing in God, but by loving Him.

In this sense, you should recognize how immature your faith is and how far away it is from the Principle. Even though some of you are attending this meeting for the first time, someone will receive consolation and feel joy centered on himself. However, though the Kingdom of God may exist in your own mind and God feels joy from you, it does not mean that the Kingdom of God has been established on earth. It may be an individual Kingdom of God, but it's not the whole Kingdom of God. From this viewpoint, what God desires is not the individual Kingdom of God. God does not feel joy seeing that. Can we say that because a man feels joy, the nation is established? God tried to fulfill the whole Kingdom of God by unifying all the nations horizontally. Consequently, God sent the Messiah, Jesus, to this world and could not but have him sacrificed. (46-74)

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