A Bald Head And A Strawberry - Hyung Jin Moon

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1. Hyung is a Korean word used by a younger male person to express respect toward an elder brother or man.

2. Daemonim is a title of honor given to the mother of True Mother.

3, According to Exposition of the Divine Principle (hereinafter: Divine Principle), which contains revelations the Reverend Sun Myung Moon received in the 1950s, and has become the essential teachings of the Unification tradition: the Original Mind of man is ones inmost self which delights in the law of God. The path to happiness is reached by overcoming the desire which leads to evil and by following the desire which pursues goodness. Mans original mind knows that evil desire will lead only to unhappiness and misery. This is the reality of human life: man gropes in the shadow of death as he searches for the light of life. Divine Principle, (New York: Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Christianity, 1996), pp. 1-3.

4. Unma is the Korean word of familiarity for Mother, comparable to Mom in English.

5. Hoon Dok Hae literally translated means "gathering for reading and learning" and refers to a daily family practice among Unificationists who read scripture usually after rising in the morning.

6. The term Unificationist refers to those who follow the teachings and revelations of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and have accepted Rev. Moon and his wife as the true parents of mankind.

7. Abonim is a Korean honorific term for Father whereas Abba is the Korean equivalent of the English Daddy.

8. The Divine Principle translated from the Korean refers to a central book of teachings in the Unification tradition.

9. Parents and True Parents are terms used by Unificationists to refer to Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who Unificationists believe are the true parents of mankind.

10. The terms Father and True Father are titles used by Unificationists when referring to Rev. Moon. likewise Unificationists typically refer to Mrs. Moon as Mother, or True Mother. These titles are comparable to the use of the term father in other religious faiths, as in the way Roman Catholics use the term Pope -- a word derived from the Latin term for father.

11. Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students (New York: Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, 2000), p.5.

12. Unificationism refers to the body of beliefs held by Unificationists, particularly those beliefs set forth in Divine Principle and related works.

13. Rev. Moon was brutally tortured in 1946 by North Korean Communist authorities. Rev. Moon was also sentenced to prison in North Korea in early 1948, and spent two and one-half years in hard labor at a prison camp in Hungnam, along the northeast coast of what is now North Korea. He was liberated on October 14, 1950, as the United Nations troops overtook much of the region during the early months of the Korean War.

14. Rev. Moon met then North Korean leader Kim Il Sung in North Korea in 1991. Kim Il Sung had been the leader of North Korea during the time Rev. Moon was imprisoned in 1948. On the occasion of their meeting in 1991, Rev. Moon embraced Kim Il Sung in a magnanimous expression of unconditional love.

15. Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions - The World As I See It (New York: Bonanza Books, 1974).

16. Universal Prime Energy as described in Divine Principle -- God is the Creator of all things. He is the absolute reality eternally self-existent, transcendent of time and space (Ex. 3:14). Therefore, the fundamental energy of His being must also be absolute and eternally self-existent. At the same time, He is the source of the energy which enables all things to maintain their existence. We call this energy "Universal Prime Energy." Divine Principle, 28.

17. Mother Teresa, In the Heart of the World... Thoughts, Stories, and Prayers (Novato, CA: New World Library, 1997), p. 27.

18. Movement and Unification Movement are terms used by Unificationists to distinguish the Unification Church and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification from the larger Unification -- related organizations.

19. Chung Pyung refers to a holy site in Korea for the worldwide Unification Movement. The site contains a temple, a workshop facility and a hospital.

20. True Gods Day is the title used in the Unification Movement to refer to the first day of the new year, January first, a day which Unificationists dedicate to God.

21. Dojo is a Japanese term which refers to a special place for martial arts training.

22. Chun-il Gook is the Korean term for heavenly community and refers to a common aspiration of religious people shared by Unificationists to realize a world of peace.

Note To Readers

Ever since the publication of Hyung Jin Moon's first work, the moment, many have longed to understand better his thinking and motivation. In a Bald Head and a Strawberry, the reader comes to know the source of his inspiration, his thought and religious quest. We have a rare and uplifting spiritual autobiography that will move your heart and mind.

About The Author

Hyung Jin Moon was born in Westchester, New York where he resides with his wife and four children. He received his bachelor degree from Harvard University where he is presently pursuing graduate studies in religion.

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