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Public Relations Advisory About True Parents Of All Humanity

My wife ... and I are the True Parents of all humanity ... we are the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah.

August 24, 1992, Seoul, Korea

A succinct response to queries about Rev. Moon's declaration of Messiahship.

He is the Messiah and the central person in God's providence for our age. We believe that through his spirit, word and deed God's plan for the salvation of mankind will be accomplished.

It is important, however, to note that he is fulfilling the role of the Messiah according to Unificationist views, he is not the Messiah in the sense of current teachings of fundamentalist Christianity, Orthodox Judaism or the equivalents in all other major religions. In Unification Theology, the purpose of the Messiah is exemplified by Jesus' public mission and efforts to establish God's sovereignty in a world dominated by sin.

What we do NOT believe:

Jesus of Nazareth existed before time and space

He has nothing in common with regular human beings

He fulfilled all the prophecies of the Old Testament

He solves sin with a wave of the hand or simple command

His life and death were predestined and unfolded and controlled by God

He came to establish a political kingdom as King of the Jews

God could have made people recognize and follow Jesus

It is good that he was rejected and crucified.

What we DO believe

Jesus was born of woman and was fully human

He is fully like us except with no sin.

The Christians, beginning with Paul, had to reinterpret the Old Testament to make it fit with what actually happened to Jesus. Sin is not yet solved because human beings still do not know the full truth and have not fulfilled their responsibility.

His life was a constant struggle against evil in the attempt to make the people understand who he was

He came to establish God's kingdom as a family structure based on sacrificial love

People freely choose to believe and follow based on God's guidance through prayer and seeing the fruit

The people of his age should have recognized and exalted him.

The First and Second Advents are similar and that he will return the way that he departed: by the way of the cross. Revelation prophesies a literal marriage of the Lord at the second coming.

The first and second advents are different. The Book of Daniel was a symbolic description of the first coming while Revelations is a literal description of the second coming

This is what we believe about Jesus. We also believe it about Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

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