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What is CARP

A name not meant for me to hear?
No relation to a fish
Student group... no fish, got it??
Still clueless, more hints please...
Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle
...Such big words... insulting my intelligence

Okay, Okay, Okay CARP...
In lay people's terms???

One students experience captures those of many who might have had occasion to glance at a "C" an "A" an "R" and a "P" flashed across a book table banner, a bulletin board... or perhaps on the bottom of one of those annoying flyers dispersed in the CCC, and wondered what these letters might mean.

"CARP" ... a sound with no meaning? "The Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle" ... a definition, but hardly an understanding.

"Forget it then".....................a likely response
"I just commute here"................every other person
"I don't get involved"...............an even greater percentage

But wait.
What about a real definition?

For instance "CARP: A head to know, A hand to serve, A heart to feel"? or...


• Education: spiritual values for a new future
• Unification: unity among races, religions, cultures
• Action: lots of community service, campus programs, seminars"

Still not satisfied? Wait just a second because if you've ever:

• Pondered the meaning of life beyond books and exams
• Wondered why the world couldn't be better
• Questioned the origin of human suffering or the reasons for all the other stuff you hate to read in the news
• Been baffled by the God question and what it has to do with your life
• Wanted to dialogue with students from around the world on just about anything
• Or even just wanted to do some good old fashioned community service...

... without having to get into the philosophy of "who is right, who is wrong" deal. Then, that long-titled group, the Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle may be worth checking out.

Change begins with new or different ideas and ideals. If our society is to change, we must make changes in our basic values and views. Our view of life largely determines the quality of our lives. What we believe translates into what we do.

The origin of CARP's visions and ideals lies in the Unification Principle, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. At the center of Unification ethics is a belief in God. According to Unificationism, love and harmony are attributes of God. A family is where people can actualize the love of God. From this perspective, the family is the key place for learning social responsibilities. When these relationships are nurturing and loving, we learn respect, loyalty, cooperation, and compassion. Thus, we can exhibit altruistic, unselfish love toward all members of the human family. In this way, Unificationism sees family ethics as the basis for social, business, and world ethics.

These very general statements could be expounded upon for a looooong time.

CARP is here. CARP is not here to play the "membership numbers game." CARP is here to make a difference, a positive difference in the lives of others. We're international, very active and very very happy to meet you.

"CARP: a head to know, a hand to serve, a heart to feel."

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