Heresies of the Unification Church

Woo Group

Unification Church of Japan
February 1, 2002

This was in English on the official Japanese Church web site. This is the official letter from the HSA-UWC Japan to the local churches dated on February 1,2002

The so-called "Woo Group and Its Problems"

With regard to the group centered on Woo Myung-shik ("The Woo Group" or "Fourth Adam"), we have announced our official viewpoint through public letters. Nevertheless, we still hear reports on damages caused by this and other spiritual groups. Accordingly, we hereby clarify the official position of the Unification Church once again so that our members, particularly the blessed couples, may not be tempted to join these groups. Leaders are kindly requested to explain to their members about the groups called the "Cosmic Federation of True Parents" and the Woo Group, etc.

Basic assertion by the Woo Group against the teachings of True Parents

The Woo Group recruits its members by using the words of True Parents and the Divine Principle. It leads to the non-principled sexual conduct (re-fall) of the blessed families and to their betrayal against God, True Parents, and the Unification Church.

The assertion by the Woo Group 1: (Conditional Blessing and the Original Blessing)

A. The Original Sin cannot be liquidated through the Blessing given by True Parents.

B. The Original Sin can be solved by Woo Myung-Shik, who calls himself the Tribal Messiah (or the 4th Adam).

C. The families need to become one. The spouses must not have the concept of ownership toward the spouses of other families. It is necessary to establish the sexual relationship shared in common among the couples.

D. Ultimately, the blessed wives become involved in sexual relations with Woo Myung-Shik. They believe that they can become members of the Royal Family by giving birth to his children by having such non-principled sexual relationship with Woo.


As the third generation, we, the blessed families, must eternally maintain the absolute purity between spouses. (The three Articles of the Heavenly Constitution emphasized at the God's Coronation Ceremony on January 13,2001) True Parents teaches as follows: Those families who have successfully inherited God-centered love, life, and blood lineage from True Parents can form the Realm of the Royal Family.

The above-mentioned assertion by the Woo Group is totally against and have nothing to do with the words of True Parents in terms of the Heavenly Law and the Realm of the Royal Family. Accordingly, those members who follow the Group end in betraying True Parents and losing their own qualification (God's lineage given by True Parents)as blessed family .

The assertion by the Woo Group 2: (Woo Myung-Shik is a bastard of True Father. Bastards are in the center of the providence. )

A. Woo Myung-Shik is a bastard of True Father. Bastards are in the center of the providence. The current Unification Church has failed in its mission. It is because it has been unable to create the Realm of the Royal Family by establishing the Three Position Foundation. It is also because the Unification Church is persecuting the Woo Group that has stood up as the center of the providence.

B. We (the Woo Group) are the very center of the providence. Therefore, we must infiltrate into the organization of the Unification Church and save it even by hiding our identity or telling lies.

(N.B.) It is totally false that Woo Myung Shik is a bastard of Rev. Moon. Also, there is no fact whatsoever that True Father has given him a special mission.

The assertion by the Woo Group 3: (Belief in pseudo-"theory of the Fall" and the "Principle of Restoration")

According to their assertion, the identity of Satan are made ambiguous. They try to conceal the fact that Satan is the fallen archangel by asserting that the spiritual fall is the sexual relationship between Eve and Adam, the father, rather than that between Eve and the archangel Lucifer. That is exactly their strategy to prevent the identity of Satan as a spiritual existence from being revealed.

The Process (History) of the Problems of Woo Myung Shik and the Woo Group; the Measures taken by the Unification Church against Woo and his Group

1. On February 24, 1974, Woo Myung-Shik joined the Unification Church at Chong-An, Chung-Nam, Korea.

2. On October 14, 1982, Woo Myung-Shik was blessed with Kim Mee-Sun as one of the 6,000 couples.

Then he became self-centered and began to organize his followers apart from the church organization based on non-principled motivation.

3. In July 1990, Woo Myung-Shik came to Japan. He visited Ms. Akiko Harada at Kanazawa in the beginning of August. After several visits, Harada became a member of his group. In January 1991, Ms. Miwako Ohnuki joined the group. The activities for recruiting members in Japan became active.

4. On March 8, 1993, the official letter was issued in the name of Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, President of HSA-UWC Korea, announcing the excommunication of Woo Myung-Shik.

5. On March 9, 1993, in accordance with the official letter issued by the Korean Headquarters of HSA-UWC in the name of President Rev. Kwak, the Unification Church of Japan sent an official letter to all its departments and local branches, warning against the Woo Group.

6. On September 18, 1994, five members of the Unification Church who had been earnestly engaged in recruiting members of the Woo Group and damaged the church organization (by recruiting and educating church members with their non-principled teaching) were excommunicated. They are Hiroshi Uchino, Tomoaki Naito, Futoshi Matsumoto, Sadaaki Kimura, Tatsunori Okamoto. Currently Hiroshi Uchino, Tomoaki Naito, etc. who were among the five are in the top leadership of the group.

7. On March 31, 1995, at Sao Paulo, Brazil, True Father saw the picture of Woo Myung-Shik and said, "His look indicates that he has characteristics of a deceiver. His group is one of thieves worse than Satan."

8. Dae Mo Nim spoke at Chung Pyung, calling for alert against the Woo Group because some members of the group participated in the workshop at Chung Pyung and confessed that they had been involved in sexual problems.

Report by some ex-members of the Woo Group:

The following is the summary of the reports from the ex-members of the Woo Group. These actual situations are kept secrete by the Woo Group members to the UC members whom the Woo Group is trying to recruit.

1. They are the members of the "Woo Myung-Shik Group ." They have nothing to do with the Unification Church and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Because of their non-principled view against the Divine Principle, they pray "in the name of Rev. Woo" at their public meetings. They usually bow to the picture of Woo Myung-Shik. Therefore, they belong to the "Woo Myung-Shik Group" and have nothing to do with the Unification Church. They are nothing but a dubious group that is giving damage and destruction to the organization of the Unification Church by recruiting the Unification Church members.

2. Within the Woo Group, Woo Myung-Shik and his members are engaged in illicit sexual relationship between man and woman.

There is a report that at Chung Pyung some of their members who had illicit sexual relationship among their members confessed and were scolded by Dae Mo Nim. It is reported that some of the Woo Group women have already given birth to children by having sexual relationship with Woo Myung-shik (thus, they believe they can be saved and give birth to heavenly lineage). Such acts are totally against the principle. Furthermore, it's also testified that he slept with several women at night.

3. They implement thoroughgoing secrecy, information control, and camouflage for the purpose of recruiting the Unification Church members.

If it is known to the Unification Church members from the beginning that the teaching and practice of the Woo Group are far from those of the Unification Church, recruiting members would become impossible. Accordingly, they hide their teachings and practice to those whom they try to recruit. They use the Divine Principle and the words of True Parents as a means of approaching and recruiting our members by pretending to be trustworthy.

4. They try to recruit our members through business activities.

They are engaged in sales activities of the commodity called "Kito-Messiah" under the leadership of the company president who has been ex-communicated from the Unification Church. It is reported that they recruit our members through those sales activities. Also, it is reported that they are engaged in various social and volunteer activities for the purpose of recruiting members. So, we must be very careful.


Those are some of the actual situations of this group. This group has nothing to do with the Unification Church. Also, True Parents totally deny their activities. Accordingly, the Unification Church of Japan will not be responsible for any social and/or spiritual problem that may occur as a result of their activities.

Because of various problems and damage caused by this group, the Unification Church of Japan will take determined policy and attitude toward this group and its members.

All the leaders of the local branches of the Unification Movement are kindly requested to understand what is mentioned above and guide their members properly so that any of our members would never become influenced and recruited by such non-principled Group. 

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