Heresies of the Unification Church

The Woo Group In Europe

January 2, 2004

To all European brothers and sisters

My husband told me tonight that he read on the Japanese Family Federation that the Woo group has come to Europe.

The Woo group is a really hell group, it was created by Mr. Woo an ex-member who pretend to be Father's son.

He says that Father has failed and pretends to be the new father. He also teaches that for members to enter the royal lineage, blessed sisters must have sex with him and have a son from him. This group is really made by Satan to destroy blessed families. He pretends that the blessing given by Father is not the good one and that we must change partners and in their centers couples sleep together and exchange their spouses. Two years ago there were already a warning about this group. Some blessed couples who belonged to this group went to CPL and repented to Dae Mo Nim about it and Dae Mo Nim was very upset.

This group has split in different groups but they all smell hell.

They entered now Europe in order to destroy our beloved blessed families.

They entered under the title of "Tribal association" or "The Suzuki group".

My husband having the family name Suzuki is extremely furious that his family name is being used by this demonic groups, so he wanted all members to be very careful because they will come into contact with members first with nice and sweet talking but later they will spit poisons on you. Now we are the CIG couples and there is no more forgiveness if we fall and Satan is really determine to make it happen. so please dearest CIG blessed families be careful about this point.

Please pass this message to all your forums so that all members will now and will protect each other from this evil group.

Thank you so much

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