Heresies of the Unification Church

Nakayama-Shirabe Group or Cosmic Federation of True Parents in Japan

Tomohisa Ohta
June 1, 2002

The official letter to local churches of Japan Unification church from the headquarter Issued on January 20,2002 The Overview of the "Nakayama-Shirabe Group" and Its Problems.

Recently, we have received many reports that a group called "Cosmic Federation of True Parents" is causing damage and problems to the Unification Church by spreading the words of True Parents in a distorted way, recruiting members of the Unification Church (hereafter referred to as "our members"), and leading them to quit the Unification Church. With regard to this group, we have already informed you through several official letters. In order to prevent further damage from increasing, however, we would like to send you a summary report on history and assertion of this group, and re-clarify the position and policy of the Unification Church. All the leaders and those in responsible position are kindly requested to understand what is going to be mentioned below and guide their members properly so that further damage can be prevented.

History of the Problems of the "Nakayama- Shirabe Group"

1. Yoshiko Nakayama (a female member of the Unification Church at Sakai, South Osaka, non-blessed member, who is regarded as an ex- member since January 15, 2001) and her niece, Hiromi Shirabe (who is regarded as an ex-member since January 15, 2001), became spiritual.

2. On February 8, 1999, they sent a dubious letter entitled "The Words Based on the Divine Principle" to all the district leaders of the Unification Church across the nation. Since then, they have been regularly sending up to now their dubious news letters entitled "The True Truth of the Cosmos."

3. The then church district leader Watabe discovered that those newsletters had been sent out by the "Nakayama- Shirabe Group." After examining the contents, he published a "letter of advice" on November 6, 1999.

4. On December 18, 1999, Mr. Watabe had a talk with Yoshiko Nakayama, Hiromi Shirabe, and some other members of the group for over 6 hours. Furthermore, in order to understand their assertion, he listened to their lecture for one hour on the following day, December 19, and for 30 minutes on December 21. Subsequently, he had a two-hour talk with them again.

5. On a day at the end of 1999, several members of the group came to the church. After the Sunday service, they spoke to the members and said, "You are all invited to come to our gatherings to hear the new truth." Thus, they disturbed the atmosphere of the Sunday service. Also, they began to take a provocative attitude against the Unification Church by distributing in front of the Church building their leaflets inviting our members.

6. Church district leader Watabe, who had looked into them, found their words and behaviors seriously questionable. Accordingly, on January 19, 2000, he sent them a notice entitled "My Questions to Ms. Hiromi Shirabe and Ms. Yoshiko Nakayama." 7. The "Nakayama-Shirabe Group" began to insist, "The period until the eightieth birthday of True Father (February 10, 2000) was the first opportunity for the Unification Church to accept "The True Truth of the Cosmos." However, it did not accept it and failed in fulfilling its mission. From now on, the Providence of Salvation will shift to Christianity."

8. On February 13, 2000, True Father proposed to establish "The Cosmic Federation of True Parents." The "Nakayama-Shirabe Group" began to call itself "The Cosmic Federation of True Parents."

9. On January 15, 2001, as a result of the increase in the abnormal activities by the group, the Unification Church of Japan issued a public letter in the name of its Department of General Affairs, calling for precautions.

10. On May 1, 2001, the "Nakayama- hirabe Group" conducted a ceremony called "Ceremony for Declaring the Start of the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven." They sent the audio tape of the ceremony to all the church district leaders across the nation.

11. On July 15, 2001, the Headquarters of the Unification Church of Japan issued a public letter again and called for taking precautions against this group with regard to the "mail from an unidentified sender" which the "Nakayama-Shirabe Group" had been sending to the church district leaders across the nation.

Basic Assertion of the "Nakayama-Shirabe Group"

1. The "Words" themselves are God and the Savior. 2,000 years ago, the Jewish people did not understand that the Words of the "Gospel" brought by Jesus were the Savior. They thought that Jesus himself was the Messiah and that he failed. Thus, they crucified Jesus. Likewise, the Lord of the Second Advent is not Rev. Sun Myung Moon himself, but the Words of the Divine Principle brought about by him. Nevertheless, Christians in the current age do not understand it. They stumble by seeing Rev. Moon and persecute him and the Unification Church.

2. The Words of the Old Testament (Laws) refers to the First Adam; the Words of the New Testament (Gospel) refer to the Second Adam; and, the Words of the Divine Principle brought about by Rev. Moon refer to the Third Adam. The Fourth Adam refers to the "True Truth of the Cosmos."

3. The Divine Principle is the "Words of the Tree of Life," which are the Words of the Masculine God. These Words of the Masculine God only give the "spiritual salvation," which is no more than the salvation of 95 %. Therefore, in order to complete the salvation 100 %, there is the need for the Words of the Feminine God that correspond to the "Words of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." They are none other than the "True Truth of the Cosmos."

4. The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Divine Principle are the Words of the "Foundation of Faith" given by God as the (95 %) portion of His responsibility. The True Truth of the Cosmos is the Words of the "Foundation of Substanc"" given as the (5 %) portion of human responsibility. Separation of Satan can be accomplished through those Words, and God can descend. Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven is realized for the first time.

5. Through the activities by the "Cosmic Federation of True Parents," the Kingdom of Heaven is perfected by the year 2012.

Main Problems of the "Nakayama-Shirabe Group"

1. They believe that their unique view is absolute. They assert that their view is absolute. Ms. Shirabe, in particular, insists, "I have come to communicate with True Father." She just believes in that way. They make use of the name of True Father in order to justify their position. They take advantage of the name of True Father for the purpose of giving prestige to the leaders of the group as the ones who are even greater than True Parents. If they truly want to become one with True Parents, they should not believe in and spread what they call the "True Truth of the Cosmos" that True Parents have not taught nor spoken.

2. They place more value on the "True Truth of the Cosmos" than on True Parents. They teach that "Parents of Heaven and Earth" refer to True Parents. Accordingly, some members, particularly the married women members, feel relieved and follow them. Hover, the core part of their assertion is that the "True Truth of the Cosmos" taught by Hiromi Shirabe has more value than True Parents. As a result, the followers come to cease to follow True Parents and the guidance by the Unification Church. What is particularly decisive is that True Parents have never given any teaching called the "True Truth of the Cosmos." They have never given any special providential mission to Nakayama and Shirabe.

3. They use the name of the "Cosmic Federation of True Parents" without permission from the Church Headquarters established by True Parents. The Unification Church has already applied to the Patent Office for the trademark right of the name "Cosmic Federation of True Parents." Therefore, it is illegal for them to use the name without permission. Since February 8, 1999, they have continued to produce videos and booklets in the name of the Cosmic Federation of True Parents and send them to the church district leaders across the nation. The core of their assertion consists of their critique of the current leadership of the Unification Church. It is clear that they are against the Unification Church and the Will of True Parents. Accordingly, our members who get involved in this group would be influenced by this group of Yoshiko Nakayama and Hiromi Shirabe, who are not even blessed members and have no recognized official positions, and end in becoming alienated from the Unification Church organization and True Parents.


The so-called "Cosmic Federation of True Parents," which is actually the "Nakayama-Shirabe Group," is spreading their assertion which True Parents do not teach nor speak about. The central figures of this group are Yoshiko Nakayama and Hiromi Shirabe, ex-members of the Unification Church, who have never been blessed or given any special mission. The two persons justify themselves and recruit their members by saying that the spirits of True Parents are working through them. However, True Parents have never taught nor recognized that True Parents' spirits work through them and True Parents speak the words of truth through physical bodies of other persons. In other words, what they are doing is nothing but making use of the names such as "True Parents," "Cosmic Federation of True Parents," etc. and mislead our members spiritually for the purpose of recruiting their own members. All the leaders are requested to inform their members of the above and lead them to take precautions. Also, they should inform their members that those who get involved in this group and cause damage to our Church by recruiting and misleading members would be given punishment accordingly. Dae Mo Nim says, "Since the time has come for the spirit world and this world to become one, spiritual phenomena will occur in which some members become spiritual and mislead our members. Most of those phenomena are false. The members should follow the Words of True Parents and be able to distinguish between good and evil. They need to be very careful and take precautions so that they may not be tempted by the false groups." All the members of the Unification Church are requested to be very careful not to be influenced by these non-Principled spiritual movements and cause damage to the Unification Church activities. Also, we would like to make it clear that the Unification Church of Japan will not be responsible for any social and/or spiritual problem that may occur as a result of their activities.

-The End-

* Recently it is reported that Shirabe and Nakayama get split into two groups conflicting each other to take initiative in the movement. So they now don't work together.

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Tomohisa Ohta

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