Assembly 2003 Declaration - Seoul Declaration

July 13, 2003
Asan, Korea

Whereas the hope of all ages is a unified world of peace, wherein all peoples, from all races, religions, nationalities and cultures live together in harmony, mutual respect, cooperation and co-prosperity; and,

Whereas, we 250 delegates from 71 nations, and representing 10 major religious traditions, have gathered for Assembly 2003 of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, to consider, "Global Governance at a Turning Point: Innovative Approaches to Peace in a Changing World;" and,

Whereas, we joined together for this Assembly, not simply to meet with one another and discuss matters of consequence, but to generate significant outcomes which may be promoted and implemented as we return to our homes, places of work and worship, and to our societies and nations; and,

Whereas, we are deeply appreciative of the vision and commitment of the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who have called for an interreligious council to be formed at the United Nations in order to address the critical issues of global governance for our world at a turning point;

We, therefore, resolve:

That an interreligious council at the United Nations would add significantly to the effectiveness of the United Nations in carrying out its mission to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and, we will dedicate ourselves to offering our advice and input, as well as supporting and promoting a resolution for an interreligious council that we believe should be presented to the 58th General Assembly of the United Nations; and,

That we will promote the vision and the resolution by going to leaders in our respective nations, including heads of state and government, parliamentarians, ministers, religious leaders, scholars and journalists, and urging the governing institutions of our nations to support and co-sponsor the initiative; and,

That, given the essential prerequisite of interreligious harmony and cooperation as a foundation for peace, we resolve to apply ourselves most seriously to the task of building bonds of heart, respect and affection among believers of all traditions; and,

That through our love and respect for God, the divine origin of all things, including the religions, we should come together in love, respect and harmony, as people from the diverse family of our worlds religions, to pray, meditate, and honor God, creating sacred spaces, places of prayer, and zones of peace that go beyond the barriers that too often divide us; and,

That, we affirm the considered recommendations that have come forth from the four committees of Assembly 2003, Global Governance and the Future of the United Nations, The Middle East: Innovative Approaches to Peace,

Peace on the Korean Peninsula, and Human Development; and, finally,

That we return to our nations with renewed commitment, hope and determination to work for peace, and to apply our talents, time, and energies to furthering the principles and programs of the IIFWP, for the sake of world peace, and to end the suffering of humanity.

Signed this day, July 13, 2003 in Asan, Korea, as a participant in Assembly 2003 of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.

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