CARP Song Book


212. You Always Fill Me Up

by Joshua Cotter

G       Bm7              C
You always fill me up, Heavenly Father, with you precious love 
Am       D       G 
It comes from above. We're working hard. 
Bm7           C        Am7      D 
Just to restore your true ideal. We know that it's real.
G         Dm7    G7
We love you, more than anyone Father 
C                 Cm7 
Now that you've opened our hearts
G D	C G D7
We'll love you up, with a buttercup. That's just the start.
G           D7      F        C
Since the day I was born, your love's been so warm
G           Am7    DAnd it's true, through all my ups and downs
G    D7         F      C
Your beauty abounds and there's joy in the sounds
G            C
Of the earth, they come from all around. 
Am7            D7
Thank you Father for giving me 
Bm7         Em 
A world filled with love, truth and beauty 
Am7       A7         D7 
And now I see. It's inside of me. Set it free. 

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