CARP Song Book


210. World Family Song

(Seinen No Ki)

   Am G F
Blue sky is clear as our spirit is pure.
 Dm Am E	Am
Burning righteousness is the faith of the world.
Am       G         Dm 
Falsehood and hatred bringing suffering today. 
Who can save this world! 
Am                 F        Am 
All righteous men together, shoulder by shoulder. 
E        Am 
Let us accomplish the great task of mankind.
Shining morning star, gives us light in our minds. 
Hope of a New Age is the power of the world. 
Song of establishing the true ideal 
Resounding all over the world. 
Eastern and Western together hand in hand. 
Let us accomplish a united world.
Beautiful ocean, gives us depth in our hearts. 
Sincerity and love comprehend the universe. 
My brother's sweat and my sister's tears. 
I share as my own. 
All races and all nations together one in heart. 
Let us accomplish the world of love.
Glorious heaven brought the dawn of history. 
Love and truth are Guiding lights of mankind. 
Freedom bells are ringing 
All over the world. 
Our World Family together one in trust. 
Let us accomplish the Ideal World. 

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