CARP Song Book


204. What About Love

by Kristina Seher

G D            C         G Em
Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, hey, hey! What about love?
C       Am D
I've got a yearning in my heart, too,
G D            C         G Em
Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, hey, hey! Here is my love;
C         Am D G
I'd like to give this song of love to you. 
G      D          C      G Em 
Please let me in, when you're singing your song. 
C      Am       D D7 
I can't sit quiet; I just have to sing along. 
G       D           C     G Em 
So if you give one of yours, I will make it my own; 
C           D G 
It will be the sweetest song you've ever known.
The leaves are clapping their hands with delight; 
The hills are ringing out with joy day and night. 
The shining streams are reflecting our dreams, 
So come along and dance in hills ever-green.
I never knew life could be so complete; 
The feeling in my heart is wild and sweet. 
The dawn is bursting, exploding with light; 
All of our new tomorrows begin tonight. 

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