CARP Song Book


199. We'll All Be There

by Sheila Vaughn and Kevin Pickard

F Am
It's the time to win here and now,
Dm B
And we're going to win do or die.
C Am
With the love of God in our hearts,
Gm C	F
God and man, hand in hand, reach the sky.
F                Am
And should anyone stumble and fall,
Dm              B
As we toil on this uncharted way,
C      Am
Turnaround, he's a friend after all.
Gm     C            F7
Lend a hand, understand, find a way.
Bb C Am Dm
And we'll all be there,
Bb C Am Dm
Yes, we'll all be there.
Bb C	Am	Dm
Let us all join hands, let us rise and stand,
Gm         C       F
Born anew as the children of God.
The dawn is breaking today.
The long lonely midnight has passed.
With His love we're finding a way.
We will make it together at last.

For the first time we're learning to give
And we're finally beginning to see. 
All our dreams are defined to live.
God and man and the world shall be free.

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