CARP Song Book


195. Walking In Love Eternally

by Joshua Cotter

               	F Am7
Searching for meaning, we felt so alone
Cm7 Bb
Tried to get by on our own.
Bbm F	G7
Knowing that the answer doesn't lie in what we've seen
Gm      C9    F
But still hangin' onto a dream.
We found each other, our hopes were the same
Best of friends we became
Our dream is your dream
Together we will be
Walking in love eternally.
   Bb E7 F	A7
One by one we'll build a world
Gm7 C9 Am7-D7
Where children can run free
Bb    E7     F     D7
Day by day we'll pave the way
G7 C7 F
To one big family.
Everyone's smiling, happiness abounds 
Singing of the love that we have found 
Father, we are grateful for this precious gift we share 
We'll spread your love everywhere.

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