CARP Song Book


194. Walk Our Father's Way

by Joshua Cotter

Freedom is the way we choose to go;
Liberty the only road we know.
Bm7                   E7sus
If you want to find it too, then come along!
We are gonna be His righteous ones,
C/D                      G
Pouring out our hearts so every one can see.
Challenges are gonna come our way; 
New determination every day. 
That's the only way to find the Tree of Life. 
Our Father's love is breaking through; 
He is making all things new.
F                    D7 
Tell the world the New Age has arrived!
Am7        Em7 Dm7
Come walk our Father's way,
G       Am7
And He will walk with you.
Em7 Am7 Em7 Dm7
Build Heaven as you go
G      Am7
And He will live there too.
Verse 3.
La, La, La...
After all the battles have been won, 
And the truth is known by everyone, 
Peace will reign between the lion and the lamb. 
And then True Parents' love will be 
On the earth eternally, Bringing life to all throughout the land!

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