CARP Song Book


193. Wake Up, Look Around

by Chris Davies

D     G           D          A
Wake up! Look around! And know the time has come
D          G       D    A
When God will draw us back to Him, all and every one! 
D         G       D       A 
The hungry and the thirsty, the weary and the lame. 
D           G        D A D 
Will discard the shackles of the past and all be born again.
The cold and stony-hearted, who take and never give, 
Will be drawn back to the Father, when they're shown just how to live.
Do not despair and tear your hair and say we'll surely burn, 
A new age is beginning; now is the time to learn.
Although the sky looks stormy, and the day is almost done,
The moon will guide us through the night, to the everlasting sun.
The heavens all will listen and the whole of earth give ear, 
As the trumpet blasts the message, the death of hate and fear.
As the ox knows its true owner, and the ass its master's bed, 
All men will know their Father and be raised up from the dead.
So when you look around you, do not be dismayed,
Behind the death throes of the old world, the Heavens are arrayed

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