CARP Song Book


192. The Vigil Keeper

by Sandra Lowen

Em               G   D    Em
Tread firmly, vigil keeper, who watches in the night;
G    B7 Em
Your master, long awaited, may come to you tonight.
Am        Em       Am       Em
He will not come a rich man, to make of you a king;
A           Em        D      Em
He comes to light your pathway, and that is everything.
You turned your eyes to heaven, where last you saw him go; 
You asked when to expect him; he said that you would know. 
The fig tree now is blooming; the hour is at hand; 
He comes to end your watching, and greet you man-to-man.
He herald will proclaim him, no voice announce his sight. 
He'll come to greet you covertly, stealing in the night. 
But then proclaim in triumph the way to love and peace; 
The kingdom will be opened, and all the vigils cease.

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