CARP Song Book


191. Very Last Day

AmEverybody's going to pray on the very last day, 
Am F        E7
When they hear that bell ring the world away.
AmEverybody's going to pray
G     F        E7     Am
To the heavens on the Judgment Day.
Am        G      Am
Well, you can sing about the great King David,
Am         G      Am
And you can preach about the wisdom of Saul;
Am    G    FBut the judgment falls on all mankind 
C           PWhen the trumpet sounds the call.
Am G F    E7
All equal and the same,
Am     G     F      E7When the Lord, He calls your name.
Am       C        E7Get ready, brothers, for that day.
Well, one day soon all men shall stand;His word will be heeded in all the land.
And men shall know and men shall seeThat we all are brothers and we all are free.Mankind was made of clay. 
Each of us in the very same way.Get ready, brothers, for that day.
Well, the law is given and the law is known.The tale is told and the seed is sown.From dust we came and to dust we'll go;
You know the Lord, He once told us so. 
Each brother take his hand; 
Heed the meaning of the Lord's command. 
Get ready, brothers, for that day. 

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