CARP Song Book


190. Up On The Hill

G     Em       C      D
All my life I've been searching to find
C        D      G   C D
A peaceful way of life for all mankind.
G    Em     C      D
But all I found was hatred and strife.
C          D         G G7
If I could find that truth, I'd give my life.
C                  G
Deep inside my heart I want to know
C       Bm       Am    D
If there is a way for me to show
My love for people now.
When this old world starts getting you down, 
And the sorrow is just too much for you to take, 
Just climb right up to the top of the hill 
And learn of this ideal world that we will make. 
In this house, the only house I know, 
where we all have a chance to change and grow 
To perfection now.
So if we all follow Father's heart,
Together we can make a brand new start.
We'll build a Heavenly Kingdom for all
Where men are walking free and standing tall,
Father's ideal world is coming true--
But He can't do a thing without you!
So join our family!
And now that you have heard our song,
Our hope and dream is that you'll come along...

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