CARP Song Book


188. The Tyler Song

by Tyler Hendricks

     C G C G
In the morning light there is peace on earth,
      C G D
There is time for birth and beginning.
In the still of the night there is still the search
For what came first before sinning.
   C G C
So keep your eyes on heaven;
          G C
Turn your ears to heaven;
           G C	D7Keep your mind on heaven and you'll get to heaven! 
C      GDon't you know I love you and
C    G       C    D GIf you love me too, we will be there soon...
All through the day there's a will, there's a way, 
There's a part in this play for your beauty. 
Your lines are from above, the finale is love, 
And to do your part is your duty.
There are words that we say to show the way, 
Though we pray that their meaning can be greater. 
For the day soon will come 
When we'll shine like the sun, 
And we'll merge as one with our Creator. 

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