CARP Song Book


185. To Be Alive

D         G
To be alive and feelin' free,
	D		C	A
And to have everyone in our Family
D       Bm
To be alive in every way!
G     A    D
Oh, how great it is to be alive! 
D		C
Every day there's a newness,
G          A
Something else to do.
D           C
The dawn of life is upon us,
G               A 
So let the gladness ring through!
Wake up to a new sunshine; 
Darkness no longer stays, 
For the new generation 
Will light the world today!
Tell the whole population, 
The time has now arrived. 
We must learn the sensation 
That comes with being alive!
Ring the bell of new freedom; 
Teach your brother to live. 
For the real joy of living 
Is something we can now give!

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