CARP Song Book


182. This Is The Day Of Triumphant Gladness

By Kristina Seher and Jennifer Hager

A Am7
This is the day of triumphant gladness!
F#m B7
Our Lord has come to earth.
He is rescuing the people, raising up a standard,
G#m      C#m         D E7sus
Showing what a man should truly be.
This is the day of triumphant gladness!
Create true families,
With our sisters and our brothers, loving one another,
Living, breathing, building Father's dream.
A                 Am7
Who will be the one to stand beside him?
Em     A7    D
Who will live for God!
Father, here are we, completely willing.
A/E              G m/E
Truth shows the way; we'll push on and pray.
D        EWith You we'll live forever!
Father, to You, we give this off'ring, 
Grateful hearts and minds. 
We'll accomplish every mission, win back every blessing, 
Fill Your heart with pride for all you've done.

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