CARP Song Book


179. There's A New World Coming

by Jack Korthuis

G Am Bm
There's a new world coming,
Am    G    Am Bm
And it's just around the bend.
Am    G Am Bm
There's a new world coming,
Am      Bm Am D7
This one's coming to an end.
Am7 D
There's a new voice calling,
G Em
You can hear it if you try,
Bm7 Em
And it's growing stronger
C                             D
With each day that passes by.
Am Bm
There's a brand new morning
Am    G     Am    Bm
Rising clean and sweet and free.
Am G Am Bm
And a new day's dawning
Am Bm    Am    D7
That belongs to you and me.
Am7      D
Yes, a new world's coming,
G                             Em
The one that we've had visions of,
Coming in peace,
Coming in joy,
G Am Bm Am G 
Coming in love.
Bm alt - G      capo2

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