CARP Song Book


176. Take Me Through The Doorway

by Joshua Cotter

G         C
In the kingdom of our hearts
D          Em7
Where dreams like rivers flow,
C D     G Em7
Lives a man of many years
C    D      G 
He's always there, you know.
When the lights have all gone out, 
And you are snug in beds 
On a journey to the Kingdom 
You are softly led.
G                  C         
Take me through the doorway, 
D        Em
Lead me to the land,
   C D G         Em
Where Father's love is flowing freely 
C     D    G
Children hand in hand.(repeat)
In the house where He abides 
The tables set for all. 
There's a fire always burning, 
Can't you hear Him call?
There's a path that you can find 
If you believe it's there. 
Follow it with all your heart 
There's joy for all to share.

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