CARP Song Book


171. Springtime

by Rick Joswick

C(maj7) C        F(maj7)
This is springtime--this is the beginning
E7       Am Am7 D7
Of a new life for us all,
G D        Em (Em7) A7
And the winter surely melts away,
Am7 Bm(7)    C
And new flowers awaken, unfolding
(D7)   G G7 
In the love of God.
This is springtime--rushing rivers flowing; 
We are ever growing, reaching for the sky, 
And the sunlight, sparkling on the water, 
Delights our hearts and fills our souls forever 
With the love of God.
This is springtime--colors are exploding! 
Children are dancing, reaching for the sky... 
And true families, expanding o'er the earth 
Bringing Heaven eternally, rejoicing 
(D7)   G C G 
In the love of God.

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