CARP Song Book


168. Song of Korea

(Korean National Anthem)

F    Bb     F
Tong-he mul-gwa pek-tu-san-i 
Bb C
Mar-u-go tal-to-rok,
F        Bb F      C F
Han-na-ni-mi po-u ha-sa u-ri na-ra man-se!
C         F    G7      C
Mu-gung-wha sam chol-li wha-ryo kang-san,
F      Bb     F       C F
Te-han sa-ram te-han u-ro ki-ri pozon ha-se.
F     Bb   F
Until the Eastern Sea runs dry,
Bb C
The white top mountain fall,
F           B      F        C     F
God will guide and shield our country for ten thousand years!
C         F        G7       C
Rose of Sharon blooming in the beauty of our land,
F        Bb        F       C F
Tended by her own sons and daughters for eternity.

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