CARP Song Book


165. Someday My Love

by Mark Ungar

D          G       A        D A          Bm
Someday my love, will be so great as to dwarf these hills.
G       A              D
Someday my love, will pull the clouds to earth.
G       Em7 A D A Bm
Someday my love, will reach down to the lowest soul,
G           Em7 A       D
And raise him up to join me in the stars. 
Someday my love will be there when all the others have gone astray. 
I'll stand on the mountain as a light for those who wander. 
Someday my love, will even pull my God to earth, 
And together let us walk hand in hand.
G                Em7 A         D A         Bm
Oh, we saw our brothers and sisters, covered with darkness in brightest day, 
G        Em7 A      D D7 
And sometimes we were just as blind.
G               Em7                  D A         Bm
But now we see our family shining with brilliance in darkest night,
G                 Em7        A        D
Since you've sent the light that's healed our eyes.

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