CARP Song Book


162. See Through Children's Eyes

by Joshua Cotter & Mary Beth Ross

Life is pure, the world is new,
F G (G7)
The sun begins to rise:
C F Em Am
Love is here, and we are free
F G(7) C                         C7      (*)
To see through children's eyes.
So the truth shall make us free--
F          GWhy walk when we can fly?
Am    Em   Am     (Am7)
On the wings of God's true love,
F G    C
Higher than the sky.
Fear and doubt shall pass away; 
His heart no longer cries; 
As we can perfect our love, 
And see through children's eyes.
Here we learn to live for all, 
Choosing to be wise; 
Measure not the things you give, 
Just see through children's eyes.
If you choose to live this way, 
Joy will fill your lives; 
We will give our best so all 
Can see through children's eyes.
*F alt. - Dm7
For key of A, capo 3

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