CARP Song Book


157. Resurrection

Music by Sandra Lowen
Lyrics by Barry Cohen

G              F      C    G
White lily of the valley that's fresh with morning rain,
F     C    G 
Your innocence and beauty can ease this world of pain.
F                G 
Beauty is a seedling placed deep in human sod, 
F                 G 
Which one day soon will blossom into the love of God.
White lilies bloom and wither as sunshine follows rain; 
But Father's wound will hurt Him beyond all human pain. 
Till all men have listened and heard His loving word, 
And come to Father's bosom beside our one true Lord.
As I look all around me and see the coming dawn, 
My grateful heart goes to Him as I awake reborn, 
Now His son has freed us from suffering and pain 
By raising Father's Kingdom where love and beauty reign.
The love of God is growing and radiating beams 
Of joy throughout creation fulfilling Father's dreams. 
Evil will be vanquished and transformed into good; 
The plan for all creation at long last understood.

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