CARP Song Book


153. Precious Light

by Jon Schuhart

D                C     G         D
A light shines on this land of ours, and darkness fades away;
D                 C     G        D
For light is love and truth and turns the darkness into day.
D               C    G          D
And it makes the world a place to sing, to laugh and play.
D     Em A      D
Precious light warm and bright.
A cry that comes from children dead, my heart cannot ignore.
How can I stem the tide of grief that flows from shore to shore?
I would give my very life and pray I could give more.
Precious light warm and bright.
D         G          D        C
Where do your dreams go, and your hope, and your joy,
D                A
When the burden of this world weighs heavy on your soul?
Oh, God, my Father, give me light to carry o'er this earth;
For if I cannot help this world, then what is my life worth?
To help your precious kingdom come gives meaning to my birth.
Precious light (very) warm and bright.

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