CARP Song Book


151. Polarity

by Chris Davies

E      A     E       B
While touring in Tafney I happened to meet
   E A B E
A young girl on the other side of the street.
   E A E                                          B
In the course of conversation she proceeded to sing
  E A B E
A song that consisted of everything.
   B A E
She wasn't trying to sell me;
   B A E
She was just trying to tell me
   E A E                            B
Ev'rything that went on inside of her head;
E         A     B       E
Now I'll try and sing it, just like she said.
We all are composed of heart and body 
Inner and outer makes polarity. 
It's really quite simple and it's easy to see 
There is no intention of complexity.
It's really quite easy if you look at the grey, 
The black and the white are like night is to day. 
God made us all in his image to be, 
So ev'rything exists in polarity. 

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