CARP Song Book


148. Parent's Song

by Joshua Colter

D     Dmaj7
Little ones close your eyes
D       F#m7      Em7
Let yourself dream of how life should be, 
A7sus A7       D G A
Holding you close, singing sweet melodies.
D        Dmaj7     D
We can weave tapestries of our hearts
F#m7          Em7
With the thread of Father's love.
A7sus F#7         Bm7 E7sus
All of our lives, filled with sweet memories,
A7sus    A7
Of bringing you close to me, eternally.
When I look in your eyes
I can see all that Father hopes for you. 
Someday you'll know, the joy that you bring to me. 
Somewhere else in the world 
Father made someone special just for you 
To have and to hold, to love for eternity. 
His promise is to you.
G        D
He has given you this universe
Em7 A7      D
To cherish as your own, 
F#7    Bm7   Bm7/A G 
And he'll bless you with children 
D    Em7          A7sus 
From the seed that you have sown 
G D Em7 D 
Evermore, evermore. 

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