CARP Song Book


146. One Day

E      E+           E
One day, God's love will live in everyone
E+              E     G#m7 F#m7    B7sus B7
Constant as His warming sun, His love will bring new hope
Am7   G       Cm            G
Father's love, more precious than the stars above
Cm            G     Cm             G 
Deeper than the ocean blue, He only wants to share with you
Bm7 Em         Bm7
Without you there is no purpose in life
Em               Cm7           Bm7
There'd be no true man and wife, Now we know you're there
Cm7          Am7    D- D
And you've always cared for us
Cm7 Am            Bm7    Em       C
Father you, you make our dreams; come true, Our hope has been renewed
Am                Bm7     Em         C
You make our dreams come true, We'll live our lives for you
Am     D    G Fm7 E
As we're meant to do.

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