CARP Song Book


132. Mountain Trail

Follow me up the trail;
         Dm Am
Follow me, climbing high.
Come with me, far above
              Am             E7
Where the mountain eagles fly. 
Am         Dm 
We will find journey's end
Am       E7      Am
Where the long trail meets the sky.
Am                 Dm
There far above us, in brightness beaming
Am             E7
The snow-capped mountain peak is gleaming.
Am              Dm
Through woods and fields of mountain flowers
Am             E
We climb with hearts so glad and gay;
Am             Dm
Across the windswept rocky towers
Am E7       Am
Forever higher leads our way.
There far below us, with joy beholding
We see the whole wide world unfolding.
The fields and meadows flower greenly
Beneath the blue and endless sky.
The golden sunshine smiles serenely
Above the mountain peaks on high.

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