CARP Song Book


131. The Morning Light Is Breaking

    G C G D
The morning light is breaking, the darkness disappears;
   G C G D G
The sons of earth are waking to penitential tears.
    D G C G C                                                G
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean Brings tidings from afar,
  C C G D G
Of nations in commotion, prepared for Zion's war.
See heathen nations bending before the God of love,
And thousand hearts ascending in gratitude above;
While sinners, now confessing, the Gospel's call obey,
And seek a Savior's blessing, a nation in a day.
Blest river of salvation, pursue thine onward way;
Flow thou to ev'ry nation, nor in thy richness stay;
Stay not till all the lowly triumphant reach their home;
Stay not till all the holy proclaim, "The Lord is come!"
Rich dews of grace come o'er us in many a gentle show'r,
And brighter scenes before us are opening ev'ry hour;
Each cry to Heaven going, abundant answer brings,
And heav'nly gales are blowing, with peace upon their wings.

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