CARP Song Book


130. The Miracle Of Love

by Joshua Cotter

At last your love has touched our hearts;
    G F/G                                  C  D/C
They open wide and now we know that we can live again.
The Miracle of Love
Em7 Am7
Has brought us dose to you;
C F                          G  F/G
Father, this is your dream come true.
After the storm of tears we have cried, 
The clouds are gone, we see the sun with newly opened eyes. 
The Miracle of Love, 
Your light has broken through. 
Father, this is your dream come true.
C              Am7
Sunshine, new skies; we found your love, our hearts revive;
F           Am7       D7    G F/G
Sunshine, new skies--it's the Miracle of Love.
And all our world seems fresh and new: 
The fear is gone, and now we know we can believe again--
The Miracle of love. 
We want to give to you 
Father, this is our dream come true.

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