CARP Song Book


124. Love is Born Anew

by Joshua Cotter

 G C D/C
Father, you've been on this road so long;
         Bm B7 Em7                         Am7
Oh, won't you rest your weary head upon my heart?
D7      G               C D/C
Just take my hand, and together we will find
Bm       B7     Em7
A secret place where dreams are born
Am7 D7      G F/G C G 
And love's alive, your love's alive.
Father, You're the rock that stands so strong, 
Although the waves have come against You 
for so long; You still go on. 
And Your hope is like a flame 
That's ever burning through the darkness and the pain.
Bm7 Em7     Am7 C/D       Bm7 Em7
Turn the teardrops into smiles; You're the Father,
I am Your child.
Bm7 Em      Am7
And together, we will heal this world.
Cm7    G F/G C G
And love is born anew.

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