CARP Song Book


123. Love Each Other

by Joshua Cotter

 A E A/G D                              Dm7
Into this world came a child of purity
A      B7
He was meant to be free
D      A
And all living things
D      B7
Will rejoice as he sings
E       B7     E
And his Father is grateful and proud.
Sun beaming down 
As he walks through fields of green 
Which only he has seen 
And Father will smile 
As He looks on His child 
And the rainbow will break through the cloud.
A     Bm7
And, "Love each other,"
E7               A
These are the words of our Father
He has given you
B7                     E
All you need to see you through this world.
Bright is His hope 
One by one His family grows, like the petals of a rose 
Unfolding and sharing 
The fragrance of love 
His children will dance in the sun!

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