CARP Song Book


119. Long Road To Freedom

It's a long road to freedom
D          A
A winding steep and high. 
But when you walk in love
With the wind on your wings
And cover the earth
With the songs you sing,
G     D
The miles fly by.
D       G        D
I walked one morning by the sea
A    D
As the waves reached out to me
G         D G D 
I took their tears and let them be.
I walked one morning at the dawn 
While bits of night lingered on 
I sought my star but it was gone.
I walked one morning with a friend 
And prayed the day would never end 
The years have flown, so why pretend.
I walked one morning with my King 
And all my winters turned to spring 
Yet every moment kept its sting. 

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