CARP Song Book


117. Livin' In a World of Love

by Rick Joswick

Am      D       Am      D
Someday our children will play in the sun;
Am        D
They will have plenty of room to run.
Am      D       Am      D
They'll be so happy that they'll dance around;
Am      D        Am      D
They'll be so light that they won't touch the ground.
G          Em
And we'll be livin' in a world of love (repeat)
One thing I know that is definitely true,
The sun will be shining the sky will be blue.
We'll be so happy just being in love,
We'll make a wish on a star up above.
D       D7
Just like birds of a feather,
We'll go everywhere together.
When we go walkin' down by the sea
Singin', "I was made for you and you for me!" 

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