CARP Song Book


115. Lets Move, America!

by Jon Schuhart

Let's move, let's move, America!
Get up and move, Americans!
C        D       G
Because this world is trouble-filled,
C     D        G
We got a new world to build.

Let's fight, let's fight, America! 
For what is right, Americans!
When we see evil walk our land,
We got to raise our hand.

D              G
We got to lift our heads. We got to raise our eyes!
D        G
We got to join together, earth and skies! 
We got to free ourselves from the state we're in.
We got to conquer sin! Hey!

Come on, let's fly, let's fly, America! 
We got to try, Americans!
To help all hearts and all men see
The way to liberty. Let's move! Let's move! 

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