CARP Song Book


113. The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

by Dan G. Fefferman

I hear something calling to me,
B7                E
It seems to me I've heard it before.
Something that I've known all along
      B7 E
But my heart says I've just got to hear more.
Ev'rybody open your ears;
He's tryin' to set your mind at ease;
B7 A                                           E
You know who it is; won't you listen if you please.
B7   A
A-ee! Can't you hear it calling to you?
And won't you try to understand?
All I'm tryin' to say
A              E   B7
The Kingdom of Heaven's at hand! A-ee! A-ee!
Once upon a time, can you hear?
A man fell, he fell asleep.
He didn't realize he was dreamin'
So he thought that it was reality.
Then one day he heard the alarm;
Then one day he heard the call;
And as he was waking up, walls began to tumble and fall.
Come on brother, live your life
The way that Father wants you to do.
Forget about all sorrow and strife,
And joy just has to come unto you.
Come on brother, try to decide;
It's no easy road to be free.
But the day of the flaming sword be the day of victory.

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