CARP Song Book


105. If You Should Hear A Song

by Sara Towe

G       C   G
If you should hear a song
       C            D
Out in the meadow loud and clear,
G    C      G
Have no fear, He is there,
D    G
Calling His children d ear.
     C G D       G
He whispers and cradles all the world.
C     G           D
His voice, it is handsome, old and new.
G    C    D   C
The melody heard is that of love,
D     C        D
And those who listen hear it true.
The day may be stormy; it seems it is His wrath.
Through all of your pleading it is cold.
But who can read that Mastermind,
And who doubts His heart of gold?
As time is the sunshine, wisdom is the key.
His children are growing to be free.
And in that land where He was King,
He now a Bridegroom shall be.

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