CARP Song Book


104. If Life Were Gracious Enough

By Kristina Seher and Mark Ungar

C      G     Am     F G C G
If life were gracious enough to grant my way,
C      G      Am
I would reach to the ends of the earth
D7       G
To give love in every day.
Am           Em
And each would find his home
F       G     C E7
With peace and friendship there;
Am        Em
Where joyous songs abound
F G    C    (G)
And happiness to share.
If life were gracious enough to grant my dream,
I would see your face in the stars
And hear your song in every stream.
The comfort of your smile
In the warm caress of spring,
In the dance of life all the while,
I feel your love in everything.
We will make life gracious enough
To fulfill our dream.
We will lift off the weight of the world
And our love will blossom supreme.
We will free each heart from the pain
And anguish of the past.
Through the preciousness of our love
True Joy will reign at last.
'C alt.-Em

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