CARP Song Book


96. The Heart Of My Country

Words by Hillie Edwards

A            D      A       E A
The Heart of my country beckons to me to fill its emptiness.
D     A           E    A
My Father long has spoken to me, His desire this land to bless.
D E     A     D         A
He sends me on to life unknown, to work in a far off place.
D    A              E   A
He loves that land before I come, and through me He'll give it grace.
The truth is sought by ev'ryone in many a diff'rent way.
In darkness children seek the path that will hasten in the day.
Through struggles of the cent'ries long they have never ceased to fight
Our Father's will has kept them strong, and through Him they'll live in light
Now brothers, sisters all join hands to encircle all the earth.
The time has come for all mankind to know the world's rebirth.
Whatever we do, wherever we go, we are all in one embrace.
When we roll the clouds of dark away, we will see His shining face.

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