CARP Song Book


95. He's Our True Father

Em               G
Here in the home that our Father created,
D                A
The sunlight streams across my face.
Em             G
Bathing my soul in the clear running waters
D                A
Of sweetness, making me feel whole,
G        D
Like the dawning of the day.
Waving together, the leaves seem to tell me
I'm welcome; they were made for me.
Soaring above me, the white clouds remind me
Of his dream, dream of purity.
We're his children, we are free.
He's our true Father; we are his beloved.
                     D-C                     G   P
The reason we are living is to love one another.
Our hearts awaken, discovering beauty
And goodness, running through and through.
He is the lover, the dreamer, the poet,
The sculptor, creator of the true,
Our lives to renew.

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