CARP Song Book


93. He Has Come!

by Hillie Edwards

           D Bm
Korea, heart of the earth,
            A G              D
You were chosen to give him birth.
Land of the morning calm,
From your hidden springs
G    D    G D
Comes a healing balm for all men.
        Bm A                  Em
He has come! His face is like the sun
G     D
And like the moon. And soon the world
Bm       A G D
Will know his light. There will be no night.
Oh, Father, with grateful hearts,
We give pledge to you we will do our part
To bring love to him who gave us life;
And to comfort you By ending strife of all men.
Who brought to us the Father's love?
Who shed for us so many tears?
One who nurtured us in Father's way;
One who through the years
Taught us how to say to all men.

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