CARP Song Book


92. Harmony Can Be A Way Of Life

by Marc Lee

F    G     C Am
Harmony can be a way of life,
F     G C
It can be a way of living.
F    G     C   Am
Harmony can be a way of life;
F     G    C
We must start out by giving.
Am        G
The Lord has come out of the East
C             Am
Proclaiming a brand-new day.
His love so refined, his concern divine,
C              Am
He speaks about our Father's ways.
His bride is so fair, her beauty is rare,
Flowing like a soft, gentle breeze.
Taking her hand, he'll build anew land,
Allowing mankind to be free.
His truth is profound, His children gather 'round,
Uniting in the warmth of his heart--
Learning to give, and loving to live,
So refreshing is a brand-new start.
Brothers and sisters of all different races
Will wipe away our Father's tears.
Heaven is open, the path has been paved;
Peace will reign for ten thousand years.

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