CARP Song Book


90. Hand In Hand

By Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock

E B7 E E/G#
We see the fire in the sky
A         F#m       Bsus7
We feel the beating of our hearts together.
E          B7 E E/G
This is our time to rise above.
A          F#m      Bsus7
We know the chance is here to live forever,
For all time.
                   A B7
Hand in hand we stand,
             E E/D# c#m
All across the land,
                      A  Bsus      E
We can make this world a better place in which to live.
         A               B7
Hand in hand we can
E E/D# c#m
Start to understand.
                      A           F#m        B7
Breaking down the walls that come between us for all time.
Everytime we give it all.
We feel the flame eternally inside us.
Lift our hands up to the sky.
The morning calm asks us to live in harmony,
For all time.
(Repeat chorus twice )

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