CARP Song Book


87. Gonna Build A Kingdom!

by Jon Schuhart

C                  F     C
Gonna build a kingdom on this sad old ground;
C       G
Gonna build a kingdom all around!
C           F    C
Gonna call it heaven 'cause that's what it'll be--
G         C
A place of beauty, peace and joy for you and me!
It'll take some hard work to make this old mud new.
It'll take a struggle, but we'll see it through!
Go and tell your friends if they want to come,
That they're all welcome to this land we call freedom!
Fight determined to be victors and we'll triumph in the end.
And we'll stop this world of trouble, and we'll ease this pain for men.
F                C            Am
We've a kingdom to establish with our tears, our sweat, our blood;
And we'll kick to hell this world of hell
D            G
And build a new world for God!
So come all you people, it's your kingdom too;
'Cause it won't be a kingdom without you.
So rejoice my brothers, all men of all lands;
For the glory of the true world--that wonderful me and you world--
The kingdom of the new world is at hand!

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